The Beginning

Fashion collection +

Concept for transparency and sustainability.

Collaboration with textile designer Anna Sofie Værebro.

Duration: 3 months.


- Artistic process and research.

- Sustainability concept development.

- Fashion design.

- Collection development.

- Photoshoot styling.


Photography: Oliver Sichlau - @oliversichlau

Model: Miriam Majcherek - @miriammajch.

Make-up: Amalie Kjaergaard - @oblid 

The value of recycling

Some fashion brands collect used textiles for recycling, as a part of their sustainability initiatives. It is common practice to reward recycling costumers with a discount on a new purchase - a practice which may be efficient, but fails to truly engage the costumer in sustainable behaviour, and effectively inspires the purchase of yet another garment. The logic of the practice seems flawed and self contradictory.

We propose an alternative based on this practice - one which might actually lead to awareness about and inclusion into the reality of garment production.

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