Concepts of Sustainability

During my education in fashion design, and especially during my MA Fashion Futurist education, I have continuously worked with concepts for sustainability. These concepts involve:

- Tools to revise and develop a personal and professional approach to sustainability.

- Tools to evaluate current and future practices through the use of speculative design.

- Ecological sustainability through material innovation and choice.

- Social change and communication, such as educational platforms.

- Evaluation and improvement of the supply chain, in a way that contributes the three pillars of sustainability: Ecology, Social and Economy.

On this page you can find graphic explanations of these concepts and ideas, which have often been developed as a part of a fashion project.

The value of recycling

This concept was developed at Designschool Kolding in collaboration with Vero Moda, Bestseller, Denmark, and as a part of the collection: The Beginning.

Some fashion brands collect used textiles for recycling, as a part of their sustainability initiatives. It is common practice to reward recycling costumers with a discount on a new purchase - a practice which may be efficient in gathering material, but fails to truly engage the costumer in sustainable behaviour, and effectively inspires the purchase of yet another garment.

The logic of the practice seems flawed and self contradictory.

We propose an alternative based on this practice - one which might actually lead to awareness about and inclusion into the reality of garment production.

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