In Vitro Fur

Finalist for the ​Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion 2017

By London College of Fashion, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Kering and Stella McCartney.

Duration: 3 months part time.


- Design research.

- Artistic process and making.


- Oron Catts, Director of SymbioticA.

- Dr. Darren Nesbeth, PhD of Cell and Molecular Biology, UCL.

- William Hadley, Filmmaker.

‘In Vitro Fur’ is a speculative prototype for cultural discussion.
The field of synthetic biology and genetic modification is rapidly expanding, and is entering the realms of Fashion.
Products like Modern Meadow’s in-vitro grown leather and Bolt Thread's Spider silk is a step towards a future where materials for fashion are grown in labs, and organisms are modified to suit our need for material production.
Genetics is becoming a toolbox to create novice organisms, and it raises questions about the sacredness of ‘life’, and the way we position humanity within Nature. 

The realities of genetic modification often stirs up mixed emotions from the general public, but the truth is, that 50% of our medicine and much of our food is genetically modified. This is already our reality.

The artistic exploration of technological innovation, can help to challenge and visualize the ethical frameworks we employ.
I think that the promises of synthetic biology, in relations to materials, are incredibly exciting, but I believe technological innovation should be democratic, and the ethics evaluated.