The case for the future 

A log of projects and observations from the perspective of a futurist, through the lenses of trend forecasting, speculative design or material exploration.

Bacterial dyeing

& the Janthinobacterium Lividum bacteria

March 2018.

TCBL BioShades workshop by TextileLab Amsterdam and Waag Society.

Exploring bacterial dyes as an alternative to the toxic and harmful conventional chemical dyes used in fashion.


The Politician's Briefcase

March 2017.

In collaboration with designers / futurists Isabela Gygax & Molshree Vaid.

2 day project.

The Politicians Briefcase is the perfect toolbox for your political career. Your main activities such as decision making, diplomacy and knowledge gathering, are now available to you in fine, technologically advanced design.
Shape yourself, shape societies, shape the future!

Content of the Politicians Briefcase;
- The Legislation Pen - a tool of truth
- The Fake Face - a tool of empathy
- Super-Google - a tool of evaluation
- The Persuation Pin - a tool of persuasion 




April 2017

In collaboration with designers / futurists Isabela Gygax & Dian-Jen Lin.

2 day project.

_Internetology is an internet cult and religion, and is manifested in a ́meme-bible ́, including a genesis and 7 commitments of _In- ternetology, as well as an artistic film. 

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