Design internship: Anne Sofie Madsen Studio

Duration: 2 months.


- Creative process development, including draping, sketching and participating in the selection and sourcing of materials.

- 3D Making of couture garments, including construction, fitting, moulding leather and rubber pieces and stitching.

- Working directly with senior and junior designer.

During my internship at Anne Sofie Madsen Studio, I worked directly with the senior and junior designer, and took part in the creative process development as well as finalising couture garments.

Craft was a an important part of the learning objectives. I created moulded leather pieces, hand "woven" rubber grids & creative draping. 

As a part of the internship, I worked at the studio's show at Paris Fashion Week ss 2016, working with last minute modification, fitting and dressing.

Moulded Leather Pieces

Coat : Sleepingbag. Image: Benjamin Lennox for Office Magazine

Coat : Sleepingbag Image : Oliver Mark

Dress : Draped

Coat : Sleepingbag. Image: Benjamin Lennox for Office Magazine

Creative Draping.jpg